To spread the art and culture of West Africa through education and entertainment.


Benjamin Ofori moved to the United States from Ghana  in search of a better life for himself and his son. From his native Ghana, Ben brings with him a deep cultural understanding of his homeland and a extraordinary talent for African drumming, dance and story telling. His experiences have led him to understand that we live in a "Global Village" and that sharing the art, music and ideas between disparate cultures enriches people, helping them to grow wiser and enlightened. This has been Ben's mission and passion for many years, performing and teaching African drumming and dance throughout his new home in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has seen a thirst for cross-cultural learning in the students and entertainers he has met across California and feels the time has come to take his vision and dream to a higher level, giving it structure and support through the creation of a non-profit organization  DAKYE COMMUNITY IMPACT FOUNDATION 

DCIF will create African drumming, dance and story telling workshops, actively fostering partnerships with local and Global educational and governmental organizations three times a year, D C I F  will hold entertaining fundraising events with music, dance and spoken word celebrating West African art and culture.


If you believe we live in a "Global Village" and love art and culture that challenges and educates, then we think you'll join Benjamin Ofori in making this dream become a reality. He wants to bring the teachings of his elders to a new generation.


D. C. I .F  would like to establish a Cultural Center that would provide a home for the educational programs and administrative outreach needed to keep the vision of the the organization growing and healthy.

D. C. I . F would like to create a yearly concert at a large venue, featuring West African artist performances.