African Traditional Drumming and Dancing classes are available for all age groups

Bodac Cultural Group conducts school assemblies and after school programs. We strive to educate youth through music, dance, story telling and song. We also teach groups and private lessons, dance movements, drum languages and basic African languages: Swahili, French, Ewe, Ga and Twe. We also teach the meaning of dance movements, tell stories and their history. Learning and teaching materials are provided. We welcome anyone who is interested. 

Community Drum Circles Some Sundays @4pm Todos Santos Park 
2151 Salvio Street in downtown Concord
Please call first.

Bring a drum if you have one, if not drums will be provided

There are also classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced studies who want to learn Authentic African Djembe Rhythms.

If you are interested in hiring Bodac Cultural Group, please contact: 
Mr. Benjamin Ofori (925)768-5277 or email:
5.9 MB